Some Highlights of Our Work

Smartwater x Future:  13M+ views

Ipsy x Bella Poarch: 3.1M+ views

Cheez-It x Jason Mraz :  1.2M+ views

Taimi x LP:  1M+ views


  • Music video integrations
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Tour sponsorships
  • Single Drop Sponsorships
  • Sonic branding
  • Record label events
  • Co-branded merchandise
  • Festival ambassadors
  • Social media content

  • Album release parties
  • Live streams
  • Intimate performances
  • Pop-up events

BYGMusic in the news

What is BYGMusic?

What We Do

We create and amplify branded content that drives the social conversation 

how We Do It

We identify relevant artists based on data

Why we do it

To support artists and innovate for advertisers