Connect the Chevron brand to music and music fans in an authentic way

Launch music promotion program to support market-by-market roll out of Chevron Texaco Rewards

Generate awareness in Texas market

BYG Solution

Host a party in Austin to celebrate the launch of the new Chevron Texaco Rewards program in Texas – plenty of music, food and fun all day

Aligning with the Austin City Limits music festival, through our key insider local promotional efforts and the hip East Austin location, the event drove awareness and app downloads among local tastemakers

Attendees were required to install the Chevron or Texaco rewards app on their phone for entry

The day featured a program of various DJs, a classic rock cover band, and a headline performance by award-winning Country rock star Lindsay Ell


Effectively connected the brand to music and music fans in Texas

Drove consumer behavior via music with a positive business impact