About Us


At BYGMusic it is our mission to be of service to Artists and the Brands that support them.  We recognize that Brands have become social and cultural partners to content creators in a new, direct way and we strive to amplify this partnership by serving as an effortless conduit between the two.  We believe in transparency, value, collaboration and mutual benefit.


BYGMusic was incepted in the recording studio and onstage as a solution to dwindling resources found in both places for Artists.  We have since built our eclectic team organically and are proud to have Grammy winners and code ninjas working alongside each other towards a common goal.  We are based in Los Angeles with a technology group in Boston.  Our founders have taken a diverse group of companies to exit and created some killer music.


Brand advocacy is just the beginning.  Just as Artists condense the world at large into lyrical commentary, so will the Artist-Fan conversation condense market choice into market direction and brand connection.  We are working on exciting ways to bring the everyday innovation of Social and Artistic narrators into the consumer-brand relationship.