The Sledge Grits Band

LA-based Sledge Grits Band is a pop-rock group made up of four sisters: Keiko (guitarist/songwriter) 19, Ella (bassist) 17, Mimi (lead vocals) 14, and bo-Pah (drummer) 12. Their chosen name, Sledge Grits Band, was crafted by combining their last name, Sledge, with the acronym for “Girls Raised In The Sun” to honor their Florida and California upbringing. With an eclectic heritage of Creole, Japanese, French, German, Irish, Native American, and African American and musical influences ranging from Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Paramore and Jimi Hendrix, the Sledge Grits Band celebrates and defines themselves through diversity.

While much of their music is upbeat, positive and catchy, the band’s ballads and singer-songwriter compositions balance their full body of work with lyrics borne out of minds wise beyond their years. Songwriter Keiko describes hardships she and her sisters faced growing up. “When we first started playing together, we were going through a rough time as a family. Music was an outlet for us. When we were stressed or upset, we’d turn to each other and our instruments.”

The Sledge Grits Band has accomplished more prior to the release of their debut album (TBD) than many bands do in their entire career. They’ve appeared on CBS, NBC and played over 300 live shows, including opening for Ludacris and performing for an audience of over 10,000 at a Girl Scout convention.

Some of the biggest names in music have praised the Sledge Grits Band and their unique, mature sound. Upon hearing them play for the first time, Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams exclaimed, “Amazing! Where’d that voice and talent come from?” Jermaine Dupri called the group “just amazing,” and MC Hammer predicts that the Sledge Grits Band is “our future.”

Despite their young age, the fierce foursome has the songwriting abilities, musical chops, and performance prowess of a group way beyond their years, making them one of the most exciting young groups to enter the music scene in years. “We’re not just a group of random, young musicians that someone threw together to make a band,” Keiko explains. “Our love for music and each other is what pushes us. We work hard because these feelings are genuine and real.”

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