Filled with vocal hooks, programmed drum loops, piano chords and layers of lush, swooning electronics, Zealyn’s music occupies the middle ground between the digital and the organic. Limbic System, her debut EP, takes the best of both worlds, with Zealyn’s voice — an instrument that’s lovely and undeniably human, even when it’s surrounded by synthesizers and digital drum loops — gluing together nine songs that are meant to be felt as much as heard.

Limbic System marks a new beginning for Zealyn, who previously enjoyed a pop career under her birth name of Angie Miller. She takes a more experimental, alternative approach to her music this time around, working with co-writer and producer Aaron Marsh (frontman of the band Copeland) on an EP that emphasizes mood as much as melody. The two worked together in Marsh’s recording studio in Lakeland, Florida, with David James Williams joining them as a guitarist and songwriting collaborator. Over the course of two months, they dreamt up a new sound, draping Zealyn’s vocals over percussive soundscapes, bursts of thickly-stacked harmonies, and beds of strings. It is music that will cast a spell. Music for the heart and head. Music for car speakers and headphones, unveiling something new and nuanced with every listen.

“The limbic system is the part of your brain that processes your emotions, and creates memories,” says Zealyn. “That’s an appropriate title, because that’s what these songs are about. They’re about the raw emotion and thoughts I’ve had at a certain point in time. There are a lot of questions being asked, and a lot of metaphors.”

A lifelong vocalist and songwriter, Zealyn uncovers a new wing of alternative music with Limbic System, an EP that chases her muse into a place where electricity, emotion, and expressive songwriting all overlap.

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