Coachella’s New Talent Lives Up To the Hype

April 30, 2024

By Krish Sharma, Founder/CEO @ BYGMusic

As Indio transitions to Stagecoach the verdict is out on Coachella, and the reviews are mixed. Artists actually complained during a performance about the audience (the band Blur). Without being there, it is hard to say if this warranted or entitled, but other artists took a different approach. Cimafunk (born Erik Alejandro Rodriguez in Cuba) is a force of nature. His performance at Coachella this year (as the first Cuban artist ever) was a transcendental tour de force which at once stayed true to deep funk and jazz roots, while pushing live dance music forward with incredible innovation.

And the audience loved it.

So Coachella is not dead, not if Cima has anything to say about it. While other artists were nonplussed by their audience response, Cima just got down to business and let the music bring everyone to their feet. His music is a fusion of funk, soul, and Afro-Cuban rhythms, creating a sound that is both infectious and revolutionary–impossible to ignore. Drawing inspiration from legends like James Brown and George Clinton, Cimafunk has carved a unique niche for himself, and he and artists like him are the future of festivals like Coachella.

But Cimafunk’s journey doesn’t end at Coachella. With his infectious grooves and magnetic personality, he’s poised to make an even bigger impact on the global music scene. As the sun set on Coachella and the crowd danced to the rhythm of Cimafunk’s music, it is clear that his star is on the rise. With his eclectic blend of genres and undeniable talent, Cimafunk is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, and his journey is just beginning.

BYGMusic first partnered with this amazing artist last year, and we look forward to an exciting and decidedly funky future with him. As we at BYGMusic continue to connect artists to brands with our data + heart approach, we never lose sight of the power and value of true music artistry.

Cima next sets Jazzfest on fire, we’ll be there, will you?