We are proud to have recently partnered with Spirit Airlines on its #MUSIC4MILES program, which was formed to help emerging music talent travel and tour while serving as ambassadors for the airline. Rising tour costs often prevent emerging artists from touring, and transportation is at the top of this list. In exchange for in-airport and even in-flight performances – as well as documenting their travels from a lifestyle perspective (places to go, food to eat, things to see) – Spirit provides free flights and other travel perks to artists and bands, thus empowering them to continue creating, entertaining and journeying.

In September, Spirit began flying to and from both Asheville and Greensboro, North Carolina, and local BYGMusic artists Papadosio and Citizen Shade performed before the inaugural flights at each destination, creating content for their fans on social to document the experience and the value of the partnership.

“Our opportunity working with Spirit has opened up new doors for our creativity and our brand. We are now able to Traverse the country in a way that would have previously been difficult. We are planning to write with artist from around the country, book shows in new cities, and connect to the industry in new ways.”
-Citizen Shade


“BYGMusic has an amazing roster of talented artists,” says Kristin Garcia, who oversees #MUSIC4MILES. “As Spirit continues to grow and expand into new markets we are able to support those communities with the help of BYGMusic and continue adding local music talent to our program. Papadosio and Citizen Shade were fantastic additions to the inaugural flight events in North Carolina!”

Take a look at some highlights from the event:

The brand and our artists are now able to mutually benefit from #MUSIC4MILES, which at its core, epitomizes the very mission of BYGMusic. More and more brands are taking a meaningful stand for on-the-rise music talent and the reasons are many.

New artists today have cultivated invaluable connections with their fans, both online and in the real world…because it’s the only way they’ve been able to keep moving forward and make a living as creators. Given the rapid rise of influencer marketing in every category, it was only a matter of time before brands began to recognize the value in inserting themselves into the powerful conversations taking place around music – and the future of music – as the historical axis of culture as we know it.

We look forward to making further connections between BYGMusic artists and Spirit Airlines…and we wish safe, happy and successful travels to all of the voices in the #MUSIC4MILES program.