BYGMusic Connects Brands Early to Premium Grammy Talent

March 1, 2024

By Krish Sharma, Founder/CEO @ BYGMusic

BYGMusic surveys the entire talent landscape to identify buzzing talent and create custom programs with advertisers. We use data and the trends within an artist’s complete digital footprint to find the best fit with a brand’s target audience as well as to identify buzzing talent.

An example of buzz are the Grammys. Each year BYGMusic connects brands to artists who dominate the event. For the 2024 Grammys, we brought 82 of the nominated artists to brands prior to them receiving their 158 total nominations (14 first-time nominees), resulting in 37 wins (seven first-time winners).

The power of an ascendant music artist is peak culture. From the very first record label (Columbia) to our current scattered media landscape, the hit song still has the ultimate cache, and the artists who make them–especially for the first time–have the loudest voice. Engagement rates soar when the early adopters of an artist are proved right. This gives buzzing artists on their way up, even those who are just on their way and have not yet broken through, narrative authority and positive sentiment that is incredibly valuable to brands. Grammy nominations are a strong indicator that BYGmusic delivers these cultural narrators to brands predictable and at scale.

The BYGMusic process is to use data organically and heart liberally to understand the trending artist landscape, and from there we aggregate artist releases, videos, events and performances to create a holistic, accessible perspective of the music business. Data leads us to the “it factor”, and combined with knowledge of who is doing what creates real opportunity for brands. This leads us to artists who not only have traction with their fans but also are in-cycle within their label, publisher and management teams.

Music artists occupy a unique position in our culture, they speak in multiple ways and not only are on the leading edge of the zeitgeist, but often define it. Connecting with these narrators as they capture the moment benefits all involved.

          • 82 Artists BYG Proposed to brands went on to be nominated at the 2024 Grammys
          • 7 First-time winners, 14 First-time nominees
          • 37 Wins, 158 Nominations