Armed with a powerful soulful voice, 19-year old Em Rossi displays an extraordinary story-telling ability. Raised in a Bay area home filled with love, laughter, art and music, Rossi began singing at the age of eight, receiving formal training as she deftly navigated the drama of Classical with the flair of Broadway. As she got older, Em also drew inspiration from the likes of Adele and Sara Bareilles. We catch up with her to get a little insight on what it means to be an artist today….

1. If you had a good chunk of change to spend to do something extraordinary in your creative process what would it be? i.e. hire an orchestra to play alongside, fly to Rome to shoot a video, hire Rick Rubin to produce your album, etc

I would spend a chunk of change on the production quality of an album. To be able to walk into the studio knowing you can make a song into anything you want opens the doors to endless musical creativity. That will then help tell the story of your songs.

2. Your generation of talent often has to “pay to play.” Has there ever been a time where you actually lost money playing music?

Pursuing music professionally as career is an investment that will hopefully be repaid and rewarded if the right time comes. There have been plenty of occasions where I have had to invest in special performances. However, without them I wouldn’t have had the exposure to be where I am today.

3. What are your thoughts on streaming? Has it helped you? 

Streaming has opened the doors for anyone to discover your music at any given moment. For emerging artists trying to break through the industry, it’s our means of connecting with and making fans. In terms of getting a paycheck, I understand that there are cons. However, building a loyal fanbase will likely hold more weight in the long run than the short term in your pocket.

4. Do you have a side gig? 

Music is my absolute focus right now. It has been ever since I started pursuing a career at the age of 14. I also love drawing, writing, and design. Anything on the creative end could be a side gig I’d be interested in delving into and learning about.

5. How does your creativity in music impact your creativity in social? How does your aesthetic translate into social?

My social media is the highlight of who I am with the depths of my personality beneath for those who wish to see further. Who I am is shown through the music I make. I write about whatever it is that I need to get out at the time whether that be happy, sad, reflective, or concealed for only myself to know the truth. I’m constantly discovering new perspectives about myself and that’s been portrayed overtime through my social media as I grow. My moods, looks, interests, and thoughts are embodied in the artist Em Rossi. I always try to show that side in the most genuine way possible while still keeping the right amount of truths to myself.