St. Louis-born, Los Angeles-based rapper BarryHendrixx is determined to spread his message about not giving up and his personal story of battling drug abuse. Since a very young age, BarryHendrixx was exposed to a wide variety of music through his father (who still DJs), and was able to start rapping in 7th grade. Although his initial lyricism centered on a religious theme, he soon fell into a self-proclaimed “not so Christian” lifestyle and changed his alias to JNumb. His life having taken him on a wild path through the streets of St.Louis, he rapped about his drug usage and emotional pain. Fast-forward 6 years and he decided to pack his bags and move to Los Angeles, where he changed his performance name to his real name, BarryHendrixx, and decided to properly pursue music. After having just dropped his single SIXTEEN/Nephew Remix (which hit 50,000 plays on SoundCloud) and his newest single TWO’S, Barry promises to deliver two singles to his growing fan base per month, while continuing to push his hopeful narrative.

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