Anthony Bless

Born in New York and raised in Miami, Bless is a loyalist to his art. He is a product of theatre, hip hop, acting, jazz and latin music, but his soul reflects that of the blue collar worker. “Quality is never an accident; it is the result of passion and hardwork.” Anthony Bless has been able to display his attributes through projects such as acting on USA network’s Burn Notice. He has consistently worked on this tv show set for the last 2 seasons and played a principle role in the episode: “Neighborhood Watch.” Bless also appeared as the lead role in the world premier of the off-broadway theatre play “Filo Al Fuego / Blade to the Heat” in Miami, Fl. His character was Mantequilla Decima, and received much acclaim in the Miami Herald, NY times, and several other national newspapers/ magazines. After that project was over he played the lead actor and songwriter in his own full production music video “LoveDrug.” (available on He continues to perform at several venues throughout Florida such as American Airlines Arena, Club Space, Club Mansion Miami, and performed overseas in the Bahamas aboard the Carnival Imagination for the official OMG Memorial Weekend Cruise.

It’s evident that entertainment is his energy, as he goes countless hours without sleep only because of his sincere dedication to his craft. It doesn’t hurt that his appealing image makes him easily marketable to the female market.

His goal is to be timeless and his motivation is to succeed and to leave the world with an experience that impacts generations. With that said, I invite you to experience Anthony Bless.

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