"It takes good people and lots of love to be as soulful as BYG and the understanding that if the art comes first everything else falls into place."

Will Dailey - Singer/Songwriter/BYGMusic artist

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We are here to make music BYG again for the artists and bands out there who give it their all every day to showcase their music and vision to their fans and the world. We take the top tier of independent artists and pair them with brands who are looking to harness their digital reach and demographic. Brands are actively searching for partners with digital reach and social media awareness. Artists like you are the influencers these brands are looking for. Music sponsorship has been around for years; but, it has only been available for the top 1% of artists. We see the unique value that emerging artists bring to the table, as they are highly engaged with their fan base whom are eager to support and encourage them.


Artists have authentic and passionate fans. The relationship between artists and their fan base is an untapped resource for most Artists. Fans may not be opening their wallet to purchase music as much as they used to but they will take an action digitally on your behalf to support you.


With an ever changing media landscape Brands need to breakthrough to remain relevant. Brands are struggling to find their way as traditional media sources are no longer relevant. Brands have long been leveraging music to expand and develop their image and reach, but the majority of these relationships have been limited to large, established artists.


The relationship between artist and brand must be meaningful to both parties. When you become a BYGMusic artist, an associate from the artist advocate team will do a brief interview to get to know you. What brands do you align with? What is the age range of most of your fans? Is there an industry you don’t see yourself advocating for? Based on your preferences, location and reach we will know what campaigns to offer you.


You are the artist and we let you be just that. When you pair with a sponsor a messaging “springboard” will be provided to you regarding what the brand is trying to achieve. However your advocacy will be in your own words and must be authentic.


A BYG team member will notify you via email when we have found a campaign we believe you align with and that will also fit the sponsor's needs. The email will include the Campaign Terms- who the sponsor is, their message and what they want to accomplish and what the total payout is for the bands. You like? Cool! Not interested? No biggie, we'll reach out soon with the next offer. There is never any obligation to pair with a sponsor.


At BYGMusic we aggregate emerging artists to create the reach that of a well-known or established artist. The number of artists involved in one campaign all depends on the needs of the brand.


In most campaigns once a week is adequate. More is up to you. On some platforms it takes a great many posts to reach the balance of your Fans and you may want to post more. We don’t want your fans to suffer from fatigue. You know them best so it’s your call on frequency after the desired amount of posts have been made.


BYGMUSIC has a posting platform that is used to push out all messaging for campaigns. It allows you to post natively in your various social media accounts while still having the ability to track metrics. Once inside of the BYG Platform, you will interact with the BYGMUSIC team and participate in campaigns by spreading sponsor messages and Calls To Action to your fans. You will have the opportunity to accept or pass on any campaign offered. We use shortened links to track metrics. This is more commonly known as a bit.ly link. Our system shortens a hyperlink or website address into a shortened link. We track the traffic associated with your posts on behalf of your sponsor and get you paid based on this data.


BYGMUSIC uses a revenue share model and it is based on your fans performance. Our system will track via shortened links where your fans go and what actions they take. Per campaign BYGMUSIC will normally take 50% of the contracted amount unless there are extra costs that incur in the campaign (i.e. construction of landing pages, prize money for fan premium, etc) and the rest is up for grabs by you and the other artists involved in the campaign. I’m not naming any names but that is definitely better than $0.004 per stream. Payments to you will be sent monthly via Cause Mobile Wallet or PayPal.


What's in it for them? Fans are willing to take action on your behalf because they want you to be able to make more music for them. With BYGMusic, they also get to help move you forward in your career which provides huge intrinsic value to the relationship between artist and fan. However they should be rewarded as well, right? Within every campaign we will give back to the fan as well. Past campaign fan premiums have included exclusive downloads of one of your tracks, vinyl pressings, Whiskey distillery tours, a free dinner, VIP Concert and a chance to win a $30,000 toward the purchase of a Ford Vehicle. The fan premium will change per campaign.

There is a dedicated team at BYGMusic working around the clock to put money back into the hands of musicians. Our goal is to make this revenue stream as seamless as possible and for the relationship to be long lasting.

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Marty Ray
BYG is the absolute best at connecting independent artists with brands! I was contacted about participating in an ad campaign
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“We have had an amazing experience with BYGMusic. The entire team has been supportive in getting our brand out there.
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Destiny Malibu
“It is such a pleasure to work with Stephanie and the whole BYG Music team! They are extremely professional and have
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“We couldn’t be happier to be part of the BYGMusic family! They’re an incredibly supportive, real and talented team. We’re
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“BYG Music has really become a true partner not just with the campaign but in my career. They have been
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“BYGMusic is an authentic company that truly cares for the artists. They embed a unique collage of talent-knowledge- experience-communication- and
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Fil Pacino
“I did not see BYG Music coming. “Too good to be true” was my first thought. Man did I call
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Ashley Jordan
“When BYG music came into my life, I had no idea what to expect.  In fact, I suppose I expected
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Will Dailey
“It takes good people and lots of love to be as soulful as BYG and the understanding that if the
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Ruby Rose Fox
Ruby Rose Fox
“BYG Music is the real deal. They are creating opportunities for artists to make real money by partnering with sponsors
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