There is a dedicated team at BYGMusic working around the clock to put money back into the hands of musicians. Our goal is to make this revenue stream seamless and perpetual.

Hear from some of our artists!
Marty Ray
BYG is the absolute best at connecting independent artists with brands! I was contacted about participating in an ad campaign
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“We have had an amazing experience with BYGMusic. The entire team has been supportive in getting our brand out there.
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Destiny Malibu
“It is such a pleasure to work with Stephanie and the whole BYG Music team! They are extremely professional and have
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“We couldn’t be happier to be part of the BYGMusic family! They’re an incredibly supportive, real and talented team. We’re
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“BYG Music has really become a true partner not just with the campaign but in my career. They have been
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“BYGMusic is an authentic company that truly cares for the artists. They embed a unique collage of talent-knowledge- experience-communication- and
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Fil Pacino
“I did not see BYG Music coming. “Too good to be true” was my first thought. Man did I call
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Ashley Jordan
“When BYG music came into my life, I had no idea what to expect.  In fact, I suppose I expected
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Will Dailey
“It takes good people and lots of love to be as soulful as BYG and the understanding that if the
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Ruby Rose Fox
Ruby Rose Fox
“BYG Music is the real deal. They are creating opportunities for artists to make real money by partnering with sponsors
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We are here to make music BYG again for the artists and musicians out there who give it their all every day. Our mission is to help artists make money, so artists can focus making music.  We take the top tier of independent artists and pair them with brands who are looking to harness their digital reach. Artists sign up and become eligible for brand-partnership offers.  There is no obligation to sign up, and BYGMusic will never ask you for any money.  When you accept an offer, we help you deliver a tasteful brand message to your fans - on your terms, in your own voice, on your own social accounts.  Then you get  paid.  Thats it.  Our brand partners are music fans themselves, and respect for the unique unique relationship artists have with their fans is always top of mind.


Artists have authentic and passionate fans. The relationship between artists and their fan base is an untapped resource for most Artists. Fans may not be opening their wallet to purchase music as much as they used to but they will take an action digitally on your behalf to support you.


With an ever changing media landscape Brands need to breakthrough to remain relevant. Brands are struggling to find their way as traditional media sources are no longer relevant. Brands have long been leveraging music to expand and develop their image and reach, but the majority of these relationships have been limited to large, established artists.


The relationship between artist and brand must be meaningful to both parties. Sign up below and we will find the brand that aligns with your passions and ethos.  Based on your preferences, location and reach we will know what campaigns to offer you.


You are the artist and we let you be just that. When you pair with a sponsor, a messaging “springboard” will be provided to you regarding what the brand is trying to achieve. However, your advocacy will be in your own words and therefore authentic and honest.


A BYGMusic team member will notify you via email when we have found a campaign we believe you align with and that also fits the sponsor's needs. The email will include the Campaign Terms - who the sponsor is, their message, what they want to accomplish and how much they will pay you. You like? Cool! Not interested? No biggie, we'll reach out soon with the next offer. There is never any obligation to pair with a sponsor.


In most campaigns once a week is adequate. More is up to you.  Each campaign will have a specific timeline which you will know in advance, and in most cases we can work around the other activities you have planned for your social accounts.


BYGMusic works hard to get artists paid a high premium for their work  and you will know exactly what you are getting before you do anything.  Our artists can earn many thousands of dollars per campaign, and some have been able to purchase items such as tour buses from BYGMusic revenues.   We're not naming any names but that is definitely better than $0.004 per stream.

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