Ford activated a new finance product and desired an outreach campaign targeted in the Hispanic market with a combination of bi-lingual and in-language messaging.


BYGMusic conducted an online contest for Ford Motor Company.  Ford offered a prize of $30,000 towards the purchase of a new Ford.  Consumers could sign up for the contest online and increase their chances to win by 5X if they opted in for more information and watched a video about Ford.

BYG Solution

To meet Ford’s goals, BYGMusic activated a Sweepstakes and selected 5 Latino artists with 1.5M connected fans.  These artists agreed to advocate and support Ford’s campaign by posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – asking for their fan’s support.

BYGMusic used the power of artist reach and advocacy to exceed all campaign goals and won the Ford Marketing Innovation Award for 2016.

The Results

24,000 Hand Raisers  57K Video Views  5.7M Unique Social Shares


“We’ve sold to 10 new customers that had never been into the dealership and also had a member of the band’s management come back and buy a Fusion.  More importantly, a lot of our existing customers recognized and appreciated our support to a local up and coming artist that attended both high school and college in our PMA.  The residual effect is extremely strong and is still mentioned by both service and sales customers.  Because of our support it edifies their choice to do business with us.”

-Ken Grody

Ken Grody Buena Park Ford

Ford Innovative Marketing Award 2016 – Mark NeLeve

BYGMusic has been awarded the 2016 Ford Innovation Award for Marketing. We are very excited to have been selected by a Ford Leadership committee led by Mark LaNeve, VP – U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service