Featured Campaign: Hulu/High Fidelity 2020

BYGMusic artists spread awareness of the release of Hulu’s new original series “High Fidelity” over the weekend of its release

Featured Campaign: Crocs 2020

BYGMusic created a music discovery program which shines a spotlight on smaller artists across the country, from a variety of genres. All of which have a unique sense of style and self expression. 

29% Overall Campaign Engagement Rate

Featured Experiential Event: SXSW Content Ranch

Case Studies

Ford Ranger
Generated awareness of the new 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat in Latinx communities in Southern California.
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Tune-In Campaign for Hulu's original series "High Fidelity"
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American Heart Association
Re-brand the AHA as a health-focused organization (rather than a disease-related charity) and get millennial women to take charge of
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Bohemian Rhapsody
Make Bohemian Rhapsody relatable to Younger Audiences by generating social chatter + engagement and ultimately getting them to buy tickets
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Spirit Airlines
Our partner Spirit Airlines is a huge advocate for emerging artists and they have created an incredible program called #Music4Miles.
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Universal Pictures “Yesterday”
Get music fans thinking about the Beatles, remind them of their cultural impact, and make them excited to see the
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DC Metro was looking to explore a digital campaign with different local celebrities in the DC area for their "See
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Angry Orchard
BYG executed a brand awareness campaign for Angry Orchard using the power of musicians and Facebook Live.  A total of 14
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Wahoo's Fish Taco
Wahoo’s Fish Tacos
BYGMusic engaged 2 local southern California bands to encourage their fans to download the Wahoo’s app in support of them.
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Boston Harbor Distillery
Founded by Rhonda Kallman proven entrepreneur & cofounder of Sam Adams beer company, BYG Solutions increased distribution by 69%
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National Beverage Corp.
Create Brand Awareness and engagement around Rip it Energy in key markets- Nashville and Detroit
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Ford Motor Company
Since the success of our first diversity campaign, we were engaged by Ford national for a second, larger campaign.
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Macy’s and BYGMusic partnered on an innovative hybrid campaign using musicians ....
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Sutter Home
Sutter Home and BYGMusic "Home for the Holidays"
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BYGMusic artists help usage and adoption of music app by integrating their fans directly with Smule.
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BYGMusic drives awareness of HP laptop computers using musicians as content creators and social advocates
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BYGMusic activates artists for Amazon Prime Day
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BYGMusic artists drive awareness of the new Liberty Pro 2 headphones and create a connection to musicians and their fans,
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