BYG Brand Solutions

No matter what KPI you’re trying to achieve, we have a proprietary tech platform and proven turnkey content solutions to activate our artist network on your behalf, at scale.



                                                                                                                                                            Marketers have a never-ending need for content. Our artists produce uniquely creative media to communicate your message to their fans AND you can use the photos and videos on your brand’s own channels in perpetuity. 


BYGMusic artists deliver, on average, twice the engagement rate of traditional influencers in other categories. This is largely due to the naturally symbiotic relationship between brands, bands and fans in traditional music sponsorship. When brands support artists, the fans in turn support the brands with appreciation and, ultimately, their wallets.  


If you are looking for hand raisers to support your CRM efforts, our artists share a trackable link that drives fans directly to an email form for fans to opt in for more information as part of a sweepstakes or other incentive program. Emails and other specified data points are collected and delivered to clients real time. 


BYGMusic offers seamless integration into real-world events through concerts and tours, merchandise and brand signage. Artists can also participate and/or perform at existing brand experiences.