BYGMusic helps brands connect with consumers through music, the #1 universal passion.

If you are using paid social influencers:

Consider adding musicians to the mix. They have passionate, engaged followers and create amazing, compelling content. Our campaigns consistently out-perform industry benchmarks for engagement.

If music is a pillar in your marketing:

Tapping into emerging artists is an authentic and cost-effective way to connect with consumers.  


We approach each partnership like a traditional media buy – with transparency and guarantees – and campaigns are CPM based.

  • BYGMusic develops the creative direction and themes, with input from the brand
  • The client has full approval of the artists and their creative prior to posting
  • The organic posts are optimized, amplified and targeted to a wider, guaranteed audience


Brand advocacy on social is our core offering with extensions of co-branded content, experiential moments, co-branded merchandise are available.


Musicians are not like other influencers, and BYGMusic is not like any other music company:

  • Emerging artists are impactful micro influencers and have networks of passionate, engaged fans, generally between 10K and 100K followers on Instagram
  • 50% of our artists are independent artists and cannot be sourced through traditional labels or management companies
  • With smaller artists, music and music rights is less of an issue and can be easily used in brand campaigns.


Want to learn more?

Contact Brendan@bygmusic.com