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 BYGMusic lies at the intersection of brand advocacy and music sponsorship. Brands turn to BYGMusic to tap into the highly engaged, passionate audiences of our artists, who in turn deliver a level of authenticity, creativity and action that is unparalleled in today’s marketing landscape.

What’s the BYG difference?

By mobilizing groups of emerging artists for a single campaign, we have the unique ability to achieve the same reach of a single larger artist, but with greater targeting capabilities.

We go beyond engagement

We create passion

No matter what KPI you’re trying to achieve, we have a proprietary tech platform and proven turnkey content solutions to activate our artist network on your behalf, at scale.


In campaigns for 20th Century Fox, Boston Harbor Distillery, Ford, Cause Mobile Wallet, Wahoo’s and others, BYGMusic artists have channeled their creative talent in ways that are as unique as the artists themselves. Through music, brands are able to communicate key messages that connect and resonate with their targeted audience.


The basic currency for BYGMusic campaigns are impressions, which are guaranteed. Further, they typically deliver higher engagement rates than traditional social and influencer efforts, largely due to the deep, personal connection between bands and their passionate fans.


If a brand is interested in lower-funnel KPIs, BYGMusic has a track record of success delivering actionable results.


Translating a digital connection into a real life moment is a key capability of BYGMusic. We offer seamless integration into real-world events through concerts, tours, merchandise and more. Artists can also participate and/or perform at existing brand experiences, giving fans access to their favorite artists.


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