“They may have nicked their moniker from the surname of reclusive Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, but this Boston foursome is a lot less gentlemanly, and a lot more loud. The band members do have one thing in common with their namesake, though: They too play in a band built on a bedrock of riff-powered songs that have as much to do with swagger as they do melody” – Jonathan Perry(The Boston Globe) With catchy hooks, blazing guitars and the swagger to match, Watts always deliver the goods. After playing many shows supporting their last full length “On the Dial” including shows opening for Ace Frehley, Joe Perry and Cheap Trick, the band headed into the studio to work on their latest full length release, “Flash of White Light”. The record is out now on Rum Bar Records. They recently supported The Smithereens and the new record is receiving rave reviews from all over the world!

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