Madina Amin

Madina Amin (full name is Madina Abdusalamova) was born on 31 August 1976 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Father, Professor Muhamadamin Abdusalamov is a well known economist and scientist, mother, Mashhura Abdusalamova – teacher of Russian language and literature and currently retired. Madina graduated from 64th high school and 17th Music school (pianoforte) in Tashkent. After
graduation, entered the Tashkent University of World Languages which she transferred from in two years to study Marketing at the Malaysian Business College, where she received bachelor’s degree. After graduation, she worked at the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, UNFPA, “Doctors without borders”. In 2000, Madina participated in “Zolotoi Shlyager” – popular international music festival in Mogilev, Belarus.
In 2001, Madina moves to New York, USA, and starts working for an architectural design firm. She enters the evening section of the Julliard School to study opera and attends classes taught by Dodi Protero, a student of legendary diva Toti Del Monte. In 2002, Madina starts attending classes of renowned Svetlana Strezeva and believes that Svetlana Strezeva is the one who helped her discover her entire vocal potential, developed techniques and artistry of performing classical compositions.
Since 2004, Madina was working for a prestigious American business and busy with her family life and in 2008 had her first daughter Yasmeen and son Ali in 2011.
2012 was the year of Madina’s comeback to music. She spent 4 months in her hometown Tashkent working on her first solo album “Anticipation” which included compositions (covers) of famous Italian and French performers, such as Emma Shapplin, Alessandro Safina and some of compositions written and arranged by Paul Uporov – a young talented Uzbek composer. A video of one of the songs from the album was also made in the mountains of Uzbekistan by “Kinoprom” film production company.
The album “Anticipation” includes songs in Italian and English, performed in “classical crossover” (neo-opera) genre, with one song performed in “trans” style (Budda Bar) using Uzbek national instruments such as Saz.

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