Kiki Ireland

Edmonton native, Kiki Ireland, does not only know how to rock a hockey rink – she’s also a charismatic, driven and passionate singer who is set out to deliver her unique take on R & B/Soul. After 18 years of skating the rink, she switched her sights to her true passion, music. Surrounded by a family of music lovers, Kiki developed a fondness for R & B, particularly more than any other music, looking up to artists as unparalleled and influential as her idol, Beyoncè. Kiki has managed to stir up quite a buzz about her music through her YouTube channel and Instagram, where she frequently shares cover versions of some of her favorite tracks, showcasing a truly kaleidoscopic music taste – from her spin on some of Justin Bieber’s hottest tracks to performing her own interpretations of the latest Dancehall hits. She has already managed to pique the interest of a few music industry heavyweights.

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