Em Rossi

Armed with a powerful soulful voice, Em Rossi displays an extraordinary story-telling ability. Raised in a Bay Area home filled with love, laughter, art, and music, Rossi began singing at the age of eight, receiving formal training as she deftly navigated the drama of Classical with the flair of Broadway. As she got older, Em also drew inspiration from the likes of Adele and Sara Bareilles. Words, music, and art poured forth as Em compiled an arsenal of lyrics and a war chest of melodies, raw and ready to become a reality. Em’s music is stunningly compelling with a sophisticated blend that washes over modern pop as flashes of Adele, Tom Odell, and Troye Sivan marinate over chords of blues and jazz. In a short amount on time, she’s achieved notable milestones but her grounded and mature mentality remains the same, “My approach is to always be genuine and to let whatever emotions I’m feeling be the driver. Music is what truly makes me happy.”

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