Dig the Kid

Dig the Kid

When Dig the Kid sings about living life on the edge, this hard-rocking power trio knows what they’re talking about. Forming a little over three years ago, founder Lisa Mongelli (drums) hooked up with fellow Academy of Art University graduates Cory Todd (singer/guitarist), and Ian Lasater (bass). DTK built a following the old-fashioned way – through dynamic live performances and steady touring – when they were chosen to contribute the end title track to the recently released big budget remake of Katheryn Bigelow’s 1991 surf cult classic, Point Break.

The result, “Still Breathing,” was the centerpiece of the Alcon/Warner Bros. movie and soundtrack. The dynamic song itself mirrors the band’s gung-ho, one-for-all attitude, as expressed in original songs like their anthems “On a Mission” and “Bones.” These tracks offer a glimpse of their relentless, breakneck style – an amalgam of classic, alternative rock, grunge, Motown and reggae, with influences ranging from Led Zeppelin, Creedence Clearwater, Tom Petty and the Beatles to Coldplay and the Hives while forging their own unique, crowd-pleasing identity.

Dig the Kid has been achieving success the DIY way, releasing a pair of EPs, while licensing their songs to Showtime’s Shameless series, ESPN, a trailer for Gabriel Iglesias’ concert film, The Fluffy Movie and performed live for the Indy 500 grand prix at Sonoma Raceway. Five of their original songs were also used as part of a marketing campaign for the national women’s clothing line, Bebe, who gave away downloads of the band’s music at all of their stores nationwide. Having wowed crowds at every sized venue, Dig the Kid is looking forward to expanding their reach. “Our songs really sing most in front of a big crowd,” insists Cory. “We’re not afraid to call ourselves pop if that means the song is catchy, with a great hook and strong chorus,” chimes in Lisa. “We want to make sure we write music everyone can enjoy whether you’re three or seventy-three.

“Keep moving/Keep pushing/Don’t stop/Your bones aren’t broken.”

Dig the Kid is living proof of that lyric

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