Bones Garage

Tel Aviv based band Bones Garage marries post-punk aesthetics with surf rock accentuations and shoegaze sounds and textures, to create a luscious melodic sound that occasionally threatens to spin out of control.

The band’s lyrics are touching, personal and relatable, yet they’re also unafraid to breach heavier topics referencing social justice, the plight of modern man and basic human emotions. Dramatic, hard-hitting and exciting; The ideal soundtrack for a post-apocalyptic party.

Bones Garage have released their first album, “Massacre/Dance”, in 2015, and have since performed in festivals such as Glastonbury, The Great Escape and All Points East, amongst others.

The band recently played The New Colossus Festival in NYC and South by Southwest Festival in March 2019.

Their second album, “Oi Ma Yeah”, was released in March 29th, 2019.

Fan Count: 5070