Over time, Balto transformed from a songwriting vehicle into a rock n roll band – performing a boozy, swaggering style of American music rooted at the intersection of Motown, Big Star, Plastic Ono Band-era Lennon, and Jackson Browne. Their interactive live performances have drawn comparisons to fiery indie rockers My Morning Jacket and Wilco, while Seattle-based curators Artist Home describe their most recent LP Strangers (2017) as “a tangle of beautiful, messy emotions, wrapped up in a sound that’s warmly familiar yet brimming with soul and tiny details that are touched by magic.” They continue to describe Sheron as, “a roots-rock storyteller with the heart of an Edwardian poet—full of romance, sharp observation, knowing humor, and at least a slug or two of whiskey.”

Songs For Viktor, the latest 7” from Balto, is a brash statement of purpose from the newly transplanted Los Angeles band – written for a dear friend fallen on hard times in Moscow. Howling guitars and a heavy pocket of bass and drums recede to a boil, opening up space for an almost Elton John-esque style of songcraft and storytelling. Balto is touring on the west coast in Summer 2018.

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