Vibrant, Captivating, Entertaining, Passionate, Innovative,Electrifying, Driven.Her name is ANJEZA. (A-N-Y-E-Z-A). Singer/Songwriter with a background in dance and acting. Born in Albania and raised in a “planet” she calls it “A whole different world” . This last one is definitely an outcome influenced by her continues artistic trips at a very early age. With a knowledge of seven foreign languages and a performance list that includes countries such as Albania, Italy, Germany, Greece and cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, NY, she creates a multi-colorful character in the music industry. Born in a third world country where family was worried to make ends meet, her invisible friend became dancing and singing. She is often heard saying, “I didnʼt pick music. Music picked and saved me” Music was not just a choice for Anjeza. It was a desire for a little girl to be seen, heard, and understood. It would be this deep and meaningful background connection with music that has inspired her today to speak truth through her lyrics and express an outmost passion through her work . “Music is not a route to fame”- she says. “ Itʼs a route to live and love” She is in love with the world and determined to make an emotional, cultural, and financial difference through her music. Connecting, changing, uniting, mending, inspiring, motivating, and transforming are several of her desires sheʼs determined to see as a result of a successful music career. Few of the charity performances include: Pratham, (raising awareness and funds to support uneducated children–where she sang in English and Hindi) Relay 4 Life, (American Cancer Society- to honor the cancer survivors) , Pixel Project (Recording a cover to raise awareness of the battered women issue), and so much more. As part of the pop/dance music genre, she aspires to entertain, and speak truth at the same time. “Let Music Tell The Truth” is one of her motto that truly echoes in her music. Her released singles are “FUEGO”, “STILL BELIEVE” and “STANDING O” -“FUEGO” official music video is available on Youtube. This video does not only showcase her talent as a singer/songwriter, but also that of a dancer/actress/producer and creative director. Recent performing venues include: Mandalay Bay -Las Vegas, where she sang in English, Spanish and Hindi.; El Portal Theater, Los Angeles Theater, Conga Room, The Joint, La Fonda, Las Palmas, Geisha House, etc Her music has been played in many radio stations including international ones. An Italian radio show “Mondo Matto” and a Spanish Tv show “El Show del Jarocho” compared her multiple talents and performance skills to a young Madonna.

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